How Many Times Have You Changed Your Username?



Hello! Today I want to know how many times you have changed your username on hopscotch or the forum. I have changed mine once. It was beautifulbelle123 draws​:crayon: And then I changed it back to beautifulbelle123! I have never changed my forum one.

I hope you reply!

Belle <3


It used to be Zeplora!


Oh cool! @AHappyCoder!


Mine had a long string of numbers at the end, so I changed it to shorter numbers. It used to be Dude739174! XD


Haha! @Dude73! That's a lot of numbers in a username!


I used to be AdmiralCode xD


My name used to be W.D Gaster on hopscotch.


That's cool @CosineStudios!


Mine used to be Orange Fangio.
Now it's Blue Fangio.
Note they are different accounts.


I used to be justusandjellybeans.


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Used to be HoppingBanana. Then I added a banana emoji at the end.


Mine was Stick88... It still is...


NarrowSun to Lightningstorm to Lightningstrike​:zap:


Mine used to be Work Kids Coding


Thank you! @Intellection74!


I don't think I ever purposely changed my name :D

I may have a little in October, but I don't remember!


I once was Servomotors,Solidstate but it was too long and no one got the meaning of it.
So now I'm AES2015


I like my name!


When I first started hopscotch for a couple of months my username was SmileAllDayLong, but I changed it after a few months