How many projects can you put into the HHC17?


The title says it all really. How many projects can you put into the HHC17??
Please tell me cos I’ve already put In the Dark:
And I wanted to put another project… (don’t) tap the button Halloween edition

Pls answer my question…
And pls don’t get angry at me if I’ve done something wrong…


Also if you notice any bugs in the games can you either fix (post the fixed version on this topic) or tell me about them so I can fix them… also give me tips on how to make the games better…


Probably only one. Not sure how THT would know which one to judge if someone did post more than one.


You could get 2 projects featured (or whatever they do to the winners)





I’ve asked the Hopscotch Team this question before, and Liza said we can enter more then one project (^-^)


When is HHC17 due?


It ends today (30th of October).


When will we know the winners? Tomorrow?


Hopefully, although the Hopscotch team might need more time then that. I really don’t know :0


I put 2, but the 2nd is just an updated version of the old one. It is called HALLOW PAD. it is a halloween themed drawing pad. Look it up. :smile: btw, my user on there is EclipseLuna :slight_smile:


Is it too late to enter? I saw on another forum topic that it ran until the 5 November. I would have finished before now if I thought it was 30 October.


That one is not the official HHC17 run by THT. That one is by Hopscotchers.


ye… I also put in In the Dark 1.1


Unfortunately. The contest ended this Monday (the 30th of October), and the winners were announced the 31st, as you can see on Featured. You can still make Halloween projects, but you cannot enter them in the HHC17 challenge. Like @MR.GAM3R said, you probably saw a Halloween contest that a Hopscotcher hosted, and not THT (The Hopscotch Team).


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