How many people's actually know me on hopscotch?/ how many of you follow me?


Ok so I was wondering how many people actually know me on hopscotch....
"how many of you know me on hopscotch"

  • I know you on hopscotch and the forum
  • I know you just in one place either hopscotch or the forum
  • I have seen you a couple of times
  • I have no idea who you are..


Also I can't keep track of how many people follow me so I want to get a rough idea

  • I follow you
  • I don't

  • I follow you
  • I don't



You know what I picked :stuck_out_tongue:




Positive votes on both from me C:


Also who are you on hopscotch??


Thanks your the best!


I thought you knew me… :cry:


I'm Komplettverrücktjunge


Nah! I LOOOVE your panda drawing on HS! Sooooooooo CUTE!!


@KVJ how do you do that...


Do what?



Oh my yes I do know u..thanks for all the likes.....
And follow I think....


Yup! (Spam)likes and follow from moi!


Thx I could draw u one!


Also ur name is German right I'm learning German and I have a lot of German friends so I'm learning it and junge means boy or chi,d I think I can't


It means boy!

Another German-knower/-learner!!

Wanna join @Jess888's school?


For learning German???
Well yes ofcourse.. Right now I learn on dualingo
Lol we are starting to get off topic...


Yay 44% know me fully!


We used to talk a lot on Hopscotch XD.

I know you on the forum and hopscotch, and I follow you!


Yes I remember I just forgot the password to the guest account lol so ye I'm sorry...very sorry...