How many people are on Hopscotch Forum



I was just looking at the badges and there are...
276 Not badged people
766 Basic Users
332 Members

1,456 People on Hopscotch forum!
(Btw, this number keeps growing daily.)
Isn't this awesome that there are 1,174 people here to help you and you can help them? This goes to show you that if you are stuck, there are lots of people that can help you.


Tottaly the only thing is it's sometimes hard for me to say "welcome to the forum!"


Isn't this amazing that there are 1,174 people to help?!?


There are tons! My friend @JellyWaffle joined today!


You don't always have to say "Welcome to the Forum" Someone else might say it for you.


Welcome @JellyWaffle to the forum!


Extremely new users don't exactly have badges though...
This page has a lot of statistics and a count as well, 1452.


Awesome topic, @Fun_in_the_Sun!

@JellyWaffle Welcome to the forum! :D
Your projects are awesome! :D


Ok, I fixed that mistake. Thanks for the correction! :blush:


Dang there's so many I think I'm a member idk


Yep, your one of the 332 Members on the forum. @Wookie


So, any newbies that don't have a badge that I should notify


You should notify billybob!


I'm serious, plus there is no billybob.


Well soon in the futere there may...


I'm not sure, but I think that the members, Regulars, and Leaders don't count, since you still have the basic badge as a member and up. I don't know for sure though!


I'm talking about your current badge


What are you talking about? Do you live under a rock?


Sorry, you're right! I misread!


Woah, btw, don't need to say "Do you live under a rock"