How many likes on hopscotch featured?


How many likes do you need to get to featured on hopscotch? I have 67 likes on a project and I am not even in trending! Thx reply soon!!!!


You don't need likes for featured. The Hopscotch Team simply puts them in featured if they like it.


After a while, the projects with a lot of likes that are a few days old go down on trending. Yep, 67 is A LOT!!!!!!!! The most I've gotten is 40:neutral_face:.


@LazyLizard the most I got was 8! Yeah, let that sink in.


What project is it? I'll increase the likes for you! (Ps actually I'm not really proud of my 400 something likes that I got one time, because when I looked at the most likes you've ever gotten topic a LOT of people said they got about 400-500 likes)




The most I've ever gotten was about 14


Omg guys my bubble tap game has 15 likes! I just wish someone would feature it its awesome! Well, it compared to @MagmaPOP is. All you do is put bubbles out by tapping the screen.:disappointed::disappointed: @Ian @Liza @Asha @jocelyn @alish do you guys like it I'm friendship studios in hopscotch.


I best number of likes is 67


The average featured project this year is about 1500. Last year, it was only 250 to 500 likes average on featured. Can you see the difference? :scream:


Yeah... I think a lot more peeps have joined hopscotch


Yeah. My project "Awesome Cloning Wave" has 300 something likes, and my project "Mail It" has 400 something likes. If I get featured... wow


I guess the reason why people like MagmaPOP and Etalix get a lot of likes on every single one of their projects is because their famous. Lots of people go onto their profile and like their projects. Some hidden gems don't get liked at all.


I made a game called LightPad and it took me hard work, but I've only got twelve views. ?????????


Even less. Two likes and six plays. :frowning:


Can someone play it and give me feedback on how I should improve it?
Ok I did


Well, @SabotageWarning I can give you a tip here. Tip: press the pencil, and edit the post!


Alright @SabotageWarning, I like LightPad. But u can improve it by: making the pen really work. And making more things on it! If you have seen Other peeps drawing pads, u have seen that they add color and games on there's! That is what I suggest...


Thanks for the feedback!