How many likes? Looking at stats!



Hey hops! I was looking at my stats, and I was like "I wonder how many likes other people have given" so I'm making this topics!
Tell me here:
- how many likes you've given/received
- most liked topic, most liked reply
- other stuff about your stats!
Here is mine:

I don't like everything.. I wonder how much likes leaders and mods like @Kiwicute2016 have since they've been on for awhile..


Here's mine (member badge is my worse but I get regular by reading 400 topics



Here's some stats

This page would be cool to code.


My stats are so small compared to yours. >.<


It doesn't matter :P


Mine are smaller!


lol i know :P


I read over 3000 posts tonight! Not kidding! Now I'm really gonna go to bed....or not





Over 2200!


Here are all my stats!



I am not really well known....


Aww it's okay don't say that!

You will get there!:smiley:


Here are my stats:



I am just not a very good creator