How many likes do you get


I would put in a poll but I don't know how..
Just reply please
Remember that hopscotch isn't about likes I just wanna know how infamous I am


Do you mean average? Also, here's a poll! What is your average likes? BE HONEST!!!!

  • 1-15 likes
  • 15-30
  • 30-45
  • 45-60
  • 60-75
  • 75-90
  • 90-105
  • 105+



Yeah. How many do you get?


15-30 likes per project usually.


Really?if I got that much I would freak out !


What is yours?


0-10​:cry: I'm not very popular


I get about 30 to 45! Hoping for a featured project though!


I don't have that much likes on projects, they accumulate over weeks... :(

But, @codingCupcake123, you deserve every single like! I know I've already liked all of your projects! :D


Thanks! It takes me a while to make those projects though! And THT liked your project. That's my ultimate goal! That is REALLY good!


And @Maltese you're a really great artist!


I'm still confused about that. It was a remix! I didn't deserve it! :(

I wish you could give someone else's like away. I would give THT's like to you! :D

Thank you! But, I'm not as good if you compare me to a bunch of other people's drawings. I would say drawing is a downtime thing for me. I like writing more, but I posted one of my poems a while ago, and no one liked it.

Again, I wish I could give my likes to you! I don't deserve any!


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1-20 maybe if lucky 1-60


Wow. I must be really infamous. You guys get lots of likes! You are great hopscotchers though. I honestly think @stick88 deserves way more likes than that! I'm the least popular person here!


Do any of you consider yourself famous?


I get about 15 each project, on average




What about you @Lightningstrike. Do you think your considered as a famous hopscotchers?


Not really. I'm known by some people, but I'm not famous.