How many free trials can you have?


If you don't want to and can't subscribe to hopscotch and you just got a free week and you're working on a big project with photos that may take a while, your week is suddenly over and you can't finish it. Do you only get one free trial? I think it would be a little fair if you could get only on free trial every two months for the people whose parents won't let them subscribe.
And NO don't say I'm trying to cheat the subscription because I'm not.


You can only get one free trial. :)

I honestly don't think one free trial a month is fair, because then people wouldn't actually subscribe, they would just wait for their next free trial.


If you click one free week every two months it would be fair because my mom won't let me subscribe because it's too much money and it's the same with other people, because money doesn't grow in our backyard garden.
If we only get one free trial in our whole lifetime, we would have to be on our iPads all day coding that big project. I need to do other things than be on hopscotch all day, and it isn't really healthy for us to be in our iPads all day coding, isn't it? I'm just suggesting one free week every two months so we don't have to rush ourselves. :wink:
Besides, school is starting...


Yeah... Some of us can't get it.

I'm trying to do chores and stuff to get it.

<< Is that a triangle?!? :000 okey just click me if you want. XD

I want to try to pay for one year because I would probably forget to pay it each month. XD


The thing is I don't have my own iCloud account. It's my parents' bank account, basically. So if I subscribe, I'm sort of wasting their money for an app
But then again my mom spent ten bucks for a bunch of pokecoins I can't even use
Man dude if Jacob Sartorius ever comes to my city I could be using that money to meet him and to buy merchandise


Agree with @Catface4, a one week free trial is good.


@friendship2468 I agree with you. It is a little unfair to the other people and money doesn't grow in your backyard.(Unless you happen to have a Blah Tree).


Well, money doesn't grow in the gardens of THT either.


I agree with @Catface4.

If you had more than one week, no one would actually buy a subscription. The point of the trial is to make people want to buy the subscription.



I agree!


You could just get it for a month and then end your subscription. It would only be 8 dollars. Then you would have time to finish your project :slight_smile:


Wait did THE madi post in my topic--
I'd buy one month but my mom wouldn't let me because it's eight dollars and like j said before the iCloud account is our bank account.


Yes it's -Madi-! :smiley: Hi @friendship2468!


Hai @Madi_Hopscotch_
Did you subscribe?


I am thinking about it​:thinking::thinking: