How many flags do I have?



I'm asking here because Kiwicute2016 stopped answering flag questions (try making a topic about it please so users don't spam the forum). How many flags do we have?


Here is a way you could find out!

And it's private too, so nobody else can see those but you! :wink:


Can you give me a link?


Gahhh sorry! I spelled your name wrong! Try it now.



Just try this link, if it doesn't work, ask @moderators! Because this is the most I can do!

Ok thanks @Kiwicute2016! And @anonymous, thanks for telling us that!



Sorry, we got a message from Liza. She said that you can't ask for how many flags, it discourages the act of flagging.


We aren't answering anymore flagging questions because it makes people feel bad and that's not fun!

@SmileyAlyssa the messages thing only shows the ones that were hidden or we chose to delete.