How many features/trendings have you had?


This is a project that anyone/everyone can reply to? Here you can talk about
1. How many features you have had.
2. What you think will get on featured.
3. Or anything else.

Hope you guys would like to visit this topic often!




I got 0 features. I've had two accounts, and I've been on hopscotch for 3 years. Not even a trending.


Oh that stinks, you know you could always nominate your own project for trendings.

Edited: (December 11) I think I meant to say featured and not trending xD you can't do that.


I've been on for 4 years 3 features hundreads of trending...


Trending doesn't work by nominication... just saying :smiley:


Nice! Really good, oh I think I know you.

          * shakes head *    Aaah I magically made this text! Hurrahhhhh


Oh I know, I was talking about for featured.


No features..... or trending...... I'm smol potato who is varee new to HS.... almost a year on HS.


Ive had 0 features 0 risings and 0 trendings
And ill probably never get featured because tht never notices my projects even if i work on it for over a month


Only one!
My balloon draw!


I remember that, it was real cool.


Omg my post got 4 likes in 1 minute!!


I got on featured once... And it was terrible.


I have gotten featured twice, and trending a lot of times, probably around 7-8 times.


What was it? Got a link.


I had 2 features and about 30 Trendings.


I've had 5 trendings, and 1 feature. :smile:


A bunch of trendings
4 Features.


I had 10+ trending!!!