How many days do you have to be on and how many topics do you have to read to become regular?


Hi! I am wondering, how many days do I have to be on, and how many posts do I have to read to get regular? And, @PopTart0219 or @Kiwicute2013 whoever keeps track of regular, how close am I to regular? I just really want to know!


You have to be no for 50 days in the past 100 days, not sure about the topics :)

Also, remember to SBYP! There's a lot of topics like this :)



You left out Mr. @BuildASnowman.


@Goobrgrlrye, mind if I make da title shorta?:sweat_smile:


You are 13 days away from reg :smiley:


Oh! I didn't know @BuildASnowman was a mod. Well I did, but I didn't know he was one of the people who kept track of regular.