How many days do i have left?


Just wondering. Can you tell?


How days until wat?

Trust level? :D


You mean, becoming a Regular? :D


Be more specific, I'm not sure what you mean. :slight_smile:
If it's for regular, there's a topic for that!


Yes before i become a regular. Sorry.


Do you mean regular? I'm not sure what you mean


Ask @Kiwicute2016! However, according to your summary, you need around 31 days!


That's @Kiwicute2016s topic, you can ask her how close you are :slight_smile:
I pasted the wrong link :sweat_smile:


You can ask on this topic! :D
(And gets answers! :D)


Sorry peoples!!:cry:


Nah, it's all good!

Remember, we're all here to support you! :smile::smile:


Hi, @HorsesKM! It is so good you want to be a regular!

First, I would check in with Kiwicute2016 in the regular badge checkups topic! To become a regular, you have to visit the Hopscotch forum for at least 50 days! So far, you have visited the Forum 19 days! Just keep coming on the forum, looking at new topics, and you'll get there in no time! :slight_smile:


The topic's closed so...


I posted that 6 months ago. XD


Yeah, I just realised... sorry for the annoyance!


Nah, don't be sorry! It's not an annoyance. :D