How many acheivements have you had?


In this topic we will be talking about how may achievements on HS or HF. So feel free to join and just start talking!!

My achievements

One Featured Here's the link.
7+ trendings
0 Risings
0 Game Changers
Member badge on the forum.
Followed by @Madi_Hopscotch_
THT liked TWO of my projects.
* @minioncandy


Hey there @CodePerfect!:wink:


Hey @StarryDream!!


My achievements:
Followed by THT
2 times featured
Followed by ArtsyCoder​:paintbrush:
Created DD


@MelodiousParrot @DA-BEASTY @BlastFusion


Nice!! I need to add some more things to my achievements list!!


Trending: 0
Rising: 0
Featured: 0
Game changers: 0


I wanted hopemon go to be a game changer but I can't work on that rn.


I really wish that hope on go will work out!! It has an awesome start!!!!! And once the bug is fixed it will be awesome!! I will probably nominate it on Nominations for Featured!!


Thanks code perfect! Not to brag, (seriously, I don't like bragging) but I think it will get on game changers. I have SO MUCH CODE in it. in fact, when I opened all of the blocks, it took me so long to get to the bottom.


OMG I am part of your achievements!!! Thank you so much! :smiley:


No problem!! You are an Awesome Hopscotcher!!!!!!!!!!


2 features
A few trendings (not sure exactly how many)

Followed by:

Most likes: 2845 (currently)
Most plays: 22810 (currently)


Awesome!! I like hearing about all of your achievements!! Keep on posting them!!


Followed by @MagmaPOP and a lot of other amazing Hopscotchers!
Get featured 5+ times
Get trending a lot of times
Making lemonade stand
THT sending me a letter! (Over a year ago XD)
And more! Thank you all sooooo much!


THT liked 5 of my projects
Top (1st) of trending 37 times
3 Features
Followed by:

and many more amazing hopscotchers!

Most amount of likes: About 1500
Average amount of likes: 350

Most amount of plays: 30K+
Average amount of plays: 800


Thanks))) Me: 5 likes from THT, 5 featured, a LOTof AMAZING followers, like @Madi_Hopscotch_, @Valgo, @t1_hopscotch, @SmileyAlyssa, most likes - 2512, plays - 66514 :D


Let's see:
1 feature
2 close to top trendings
Followed by SA
followed by Valgo
Followed by Gilly
Followed by Disky
Gotten a like from THT
And some others. :P


You've only had one feature?? You definitely deserve more :0


Yeah, I've only had one. XD
I just about died when I did get it, though! :joy: