How long would you be happy to wait for a game to load?



I'm making a game, but the title takes quite a while!
So, how long would you be happy to wait for a game to load?

  • 1-10 seconds
  • 10-30 seconds
  • 30-60 seconds
  • 1-2 minutes
  • As long as it takes


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If I have to wait an hour for a clicker game, I'd be sort of annoyed.
If I had to wait an hour for a Minecraft game, it would be worth it! It just depends on how complex your game is, and if you think the wait is worth it!


I get bothered when a game takes more than five seconds to load.:confused: I'm just not that patient.


It depends. If its a good quality game with nice graphics and flows smoothly, I might wait up to 45 seconds.

If its some tapper i wouldn't even wait a second


The only waiting screens I don't like are the ones that say they are loading, when they are actually doing nothing.


Oh yeah, the waiting screens.:grinning: I like the waiting screens that tell jokes or at least keep you entertained.:grinning:


Leafy's screens are the best. XD