How long till I get Regular?


Hey Everyone,
I joined a couple of months ago, but I was wondering when I would get the rank of Regular as I have been very interested in getting this badge. I know there are requirements to getting regular, is there a place where I can make sure if I have Passed the Required amounts?

If there is such a place where I could make sure, could you please reply below. If there is not such a place, is there another way of seeing when you will get the badge or do you have to ask a Moderator?

If you have tried but there is still no way of know when you have passed the required amounts, I appreciate all your Help as its still means a lot to me because you have tried to help me. I also need to thank you for all the likes and support you have given me.

P.S: I am currently the rank of 'Member'.


You must give a little more likes, read 20000 posts and visit 500 topics


I don't know. I'm trying to get regular too :smile::smile:


How do you know the requirements??




You need to be on for 17 more days and read 12k more posts. :D


You need to be on for 26 more days and read 13k more posts. :D


I do? How do you know that?? :grinning::smiley::open_mouth::smile:


I looked in your summary :D


Ooooooooo cool lol



We've met them.


@SmilingMoons nice to meet u !! Wanna be friends???


That would be 17 more days and 11.2k more posts. Just go through the first drawing topic XD


How Long for me? :smile:


Visit more topics and read at least 15k more posts, plus visit every day and try not to get flagged :wink:


How long for me? (what your doing is magic XD)


Continue reading (about 3k left) and visiting topics, plus don’t forget to visit the forum everyday ;)