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Hi! I was wondering on how long projects take on Hopscotch. Like drawing pads and games. Reply and say your average time on making a project in Hopscotch. My coding takes about 30 minutes. (In a big project) and then my drawing takes about 5-10 minutes.

Tell me your average!

Belle <3


Smaller projects take around 4 hours for me, bigger ones probably take a couple of months! :D
For my drawings, I usually take 30 minutes to an hour on them! :D


Oh wow! If I draw and use a lot of effort in it, it's about 20 minutes. But you must have lots of endurance!


Great topic! :D

My filler projects (The simple ones.) take about 10 minutes.

My normal projects, like my website, take around 20 minutes to an hour.

My big ones can take up to a week.

"Square Tapper" took a week, (Mainly because I had 4 rules on each square, and I had to copy down a slightly different rule each time.) and "Egg Game" took 4 days.

If I ever draw on Hopscotch, it's usually a simple thing that takes around 3 minutes.

So my average is about 30 minutes, including bug finding and fixing. :D


Thank you! :D You have good topics too!


Oops I meant great not good! :grin:


Trail art usually takes around 1-3 hours (smaller stuff), or 1-3 days (bigger stuff.).

Shape art can take 10-45 minutes (really small stuff.) or 1-5 hours.

Drawings (usually not published.) take around 10-45 minutes.

Games can take two days to more than a few weeks.

It kinda depends because I get distracted easily, so I don't really know the time. XD

Cool topic! :D


I have been working on a project for a month and a half now! I have barley gotten anything done.


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Thank you @SmilingSnowflakes!


That was a great pixel art! That work must of Paid off! Now it has around 405 likes! (I think...)


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Great! I can't wait to see how it turns out!


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I don't really draw, but here are my average times:
Small filler: 10-20 min.
Bigger projects: a few days
Biggest project: I've been working on my drawing pad for, like, a few months now!


My drawpad took 1 hour with all default colors on HS.
My games take 2 days
My drawings take 20 seconds
My life takes 80 years :(



Music usually takes 1-2 hours (in the app time) music kit took 4 hours


My website takes about 5-10 min. My drawings take about 15-20 min. My pixel art ( I started to do pixel art again) is probably going to take me a couple weeks.