How long have you been on hopscotch?



On this account, 4 months


May I ask you, what are your other accounts?!?! Did you ever say you'll reveal it?




Can I make a topic that says

Guessing who follow4likes is two?


No... It's not on topic


Oh okay! Let's get back on topic!


I've been "on" since October 2015, I didn't actually code anything until November, and I didn't actually make a good project until December. I'm pretty new! :smile:


I downloaded this when it first came out, when you couldn't code, didn't have an account, ya. Then I got an iPad Air 2 and downloaded it and made an account called Unicorn_ but then I made another account called smishsmash_ and the username is now Crazy_cake, basically in November or December is when I "really" started, wait let me check, I officially started Crazy_cake in December 2015


"Sounds Of The Crazed Cats Place" was supposed to be a music scale, but it went wrong, so I published it when I was in a bad mood. My goal since then has been to get Featured.


I have been on Hopscotch since August 2015, but I didn't join the forum until just a couple months ago.


I've been on since September 2015, so I haven't been on for very long. :wink:


@liza or @asha just updated featured lol


What's hopspctch when you can't code!:worried:


Ya I know right! I'm glad the community and app are as great as they are now


Yeah but what did you do without coding?


There were other games that you played. But you couldn't make them and you didn't have accounts


Oh well that makes scence!


Yeah, but I'm so happy that I can now code!!!! I am addicted to this game, it's basically the only app that I want to play on, besides minecraft, I :heart:︎ Minecraft


Super late August 2015.


Since September of 2014! Different account :wink: