How long have you been on hopscotch?



Hey guys you reed the topic how long have you been hopscotching I have been on for 13 and a half months! Just reply bellow!:wink:

How long have you been on hopscotch

I've been hopscotching since April last year


I've been in for well over a year- sort of! I joined in September 2014 and then made my first LazyLizard account in October.


I have been on since May 18th 2013!
Don't ask why I remember that exact date!


I've been on since...January 2014.. So that would be about 2 years!


Wow I thought hopscotch was realesed 2014!


Wow cool! We are close!


August 26, 2015
I'm sorta a newbie :wink:


I've been here since November 2014! So I'm kinda in the middle!


No just because your new does not meen your bad! Have you been fetured because I have not and I been on since December of 2015!


yep that's not bad at all!:wink:


Yah-3 times on featured and 3 times on rising :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow that's so cool! Congrats!:smiley:


My game Alien v1.1 recently got on


YOU'VE BEEN FEATURED THREE TIMES?! I was rising once, and I got Trending in a super cheap way. Pretty amazing @Crazy_Crawfish!


Since December 2014 on this account.
My stats:
I can't even count followers. :stuck_out_tongue:
Most liked project: 2000+
Features: 5
Rising: Twice
Trending: Everyone's on trending, so...

Sorry if this sounds like bragging...:confused:


Inspired by @Gilbert189:
My stats:
Followers: 2,000+ (I stopped counting)
Most liked project: 8900+
Features: 3
Rising: 3
Trending: Everyone's on trending technically
I really didn't deserve featured for my first two, they were really basic :wink:

Hope this doesn't sound like I'm bragging !


What were you on rising for? I have never been on featured or rising. (>_<)


Don't worry! Just keep trying your best, and you'll definitely get featured one day!


I believe it was for "Sounds Of The Crazed Cat Place". Here's the link: