How long before Regular?



Title says all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have you ever been flagged? If so, how many?


Same here I've got so many views and likes and posts and I've been on since November 24th, nothing. I'm beginning to lose faith in THT.


You've been flagged for spam like 10 times


But that was centuries ago


That was about a month ago and you need to wait 50 days


Like once. That was because I tried to get a Toy Freddy art request. That didn't end well.


So in the next 20 days I'll get regular?


Alright. Then you probably need to read more posts and you'll get it.


Probably! :wink:
Unless there's some other requirement I forget O_o


@BuildASnowman when was the last time I got an approved flag?


Ok then, thanks.
@admins please close.