How Is Trending Not Being On HS Affecting HS?(Discussion Topic)


So ever since Trending was removed from HS, regardless of what rumors, of THT editing some servers stuff, Trending, was a mess. It got to the point where it would be harder to get a quality projects on Trending than it was to get one on featured. But now that Trending is gone, new HSers can’t gain any popularity they might deserve, and nobody is really gaining any followers or likes because well, their projects are really only on the Newest Channel. So that means that Featured is really the only way to get any more people to notice your games. So I was wondering how everyone else feel about Trending being gone… share your opinions and conspiracies!


No effect.


kinda sucky I guess???
liek a bit annoying???


not on hs anymore so :woman_shrugging:


I think it affects it in a big way actually. New HSers who also need help also may never get it. Which means overall popularity of the app might plumit, not that Trending was filled with new HSers asking for help, it was just remixes with occasional art, which was kind of weird considering that it used to be majority art and a little bit of coding with barely any remixes.


I’m super inactive now so iadrc


Trending was just full of junk anyway so what’s the point? Made no difference.
Don’t take this offensively. Not all was junk.


That’s what the forum is for


Umm well I never even got on trending anyway and am kinda not popular (most popular project 30 likes) so it’s not really effecting me att all


IMAO yeah
but when you look in trending an you see ur own project it’s a nice feeling


Well I think it is unfortunate that it doesn’t exist but oh well what can we do ?


It’s a good feeling but the calculations failed and my projects barely got on their.


Well they aren’t going to go onto the forum if they don’t like the app(at least in most cases)


I guess you’re right there. But curators look on #games. It doesn’t take too long to search for something feature worthy there.


Yeh well Featured is definitely in good hands, :smile:. And I think Madi deserves the featured they just got, regardless if they are one of the Curators themselves.


Good point but still… •○•


SmileyAlyssa did it, , madi can’t feature her own projects.


What? I didn’t get the bad impact…


I’m pretty sure that trending is coming back eventually. THT just temporarily removed it so they could fix some issues. They were just focusing on getting the the update out but now that it is out, trending will probably be back soon (but I’m not positive) :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes because it wasn’t even working in the first place. The whole system crashed.