HOW IN THE WORLD?! Thank you everyone! GAME CHANGER




My game “Smiley Bounce”…

Was put into…


Thank you everyone.
Thank you @KVJ—you nominated it for featured.
Thank you @LegendOfFriday for telling me.

Thank you @PandaBlossom for helping me with it a lot!!! It’s your game changer too!

Now, DMFgames ★’s statistics are:

  • 14 features
  • One game changer
  • About 10k of followers
  • Fourth place at the Summer Contest

By the way, thank you THT for a birthday gift.

It’s DMFgames’ hopscotch account’s second birthday!

And I need to say sorry for everyone, who was offended by me. For example, Ella_13. I’m so sorry.

Thanks a lot @Liza and @Rodrigo! My account won’t be the same. You changed my life.



Congrats! Im happy 4 u!


Ahh good job Delly, Im proud of you! :D


Thank you a lot, Dudey ;u;


Thanks a lot, Karro!!!


Congratulations!! I laughed so much playing that game, because when I tapped play I didn’t do anything and immediately got zero points XD


De nada!


You have got a game changer too?


Yeah, I’m really happy about it (^-^)

Why? :D


Just interesting. Why not? XD


I dunno, I just wanted to know why you asked XD


Wait… I just realized something…

This will make it even harder to convince everyone I’m bad at coding! Aww XD


congrats DMF!! you deserved it. ;33
wait — 10k followers?? :0


Probably—almost everyone follows me…
Thank you next prez!


dang. :000 crazy ;//
And no problem next prez ;0


I already said that, but congratulations!!! (I hope this really changed your life a little bit…)


You deserve it :D

How did you find your number of followers out?



I think

that it is about 10k,
as almost everyone follows me!

Thanks, by the way!


Congrats m8!!


Holy George’s ear!