How in the WORLD did Porings get so popular?! (THE WAR HAS BEGUN) (COLLAB)



I swear, when I looked on hopscotch and saw all the porings, I had to check it was still hopscotch... The defenders of hopscotch are still bravely battle, but the contineus onslaught of the porings is making them retreat. Who will win?


Which one are you doing?


I was making it before I was in the collab on my acc (~10 mins earlier)...
It's a regular Poring...
I don't have the account info yet...


*Many have fallen to the mercy of the unwilling cuteness they radiate. It is quite unfortunate to see the unsettling high number of remixes, knowing that the porings has taken control over them.


A penguin! JK
A penguin with spectacles and a bow tie and a top hat!


You can request your poring here:


Do you know who is in the request team other than me and @DancingLollipop?


Check the tag list, they should be there.


Ok! Thanks! :DHere's a like! :heart:


Any ideas for projects?
With porings?


You could help work on requests... They're reeeeeeally tiring, you know!


Btw @marshmallow3 and @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf, you two currently have the same profile pic! I recommend that one of you get another picture, or it'll be really confusing for us! xD


I'll try! :slight_smile:
Do I make my own topic, or use your request topic?


My new account "Poring" is also a guide to Poring coloring.

I could help with requests! Only a bit, though...


Use the request one, please! If you create another, it will clog the forum. :wink:
It will be a great weight off my back if someone helped me! :D


Pores are taking over hopscotch




Lol is anyone else going to talk?


Its REALLY late where I am... Or really early, I guess.

Porings are adorable.


@Holly_Aarmau About what?