How in the WORLD did Porings get so popular?! (THE WAR HAS BEGUN) (COLLAB)


  • Take Poring Requests
  • Don't take Poring Request




Please vote this is important


@Niftynia75 We're already taking Poring requests...


I'm taking them, if you didn't read the posts above, you wouldn't know! :wink:


Ohhhh...what do I do about the Poring Requests sheet I just made???


Oh? I've already created one :slightly_smiling:

But you can keep the one you made on HS :wink:


:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: ok sorry didn't see that, I just joined


It's fine! :D
Here's a like! :heart:, btw!


Does anyone have any feedback for my model? DON'T CHANGE THE CODE!

It's nowhere near done, btw


Great job! You've molded a perfect mini replica of the original! :D
Here's a like! :heart:


@RenegadeBird1 Ok!
I'm making an Accessorize A Poring! type game, so I need it to be small.
Sorry if I sound rude saying nobody should edit for now. I just have this sort of vision in my head, and I want to make that vision.


Kk! Here's a like! :heart::D

Phew! Done my game!


Nobody's here πŸ™:cry::pensive::worried::disappointed::rage:


Hopscotch commander: sir there is any army of so called "poring invading our world. Let's attack!" (Sees army of porings) (into Walkie talkie), um, Houston, we got a problem.


I was eating...
(I did my own request ;p)


@Creatorstyle XD

I made a new account named "Poring" where I just post drawings of Jellopies...


I'm so lazy...
Even though I only need 3 more different trails...


Oh... so THAT was you! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I swear, when I looked on hopscotch and saw all the porings, I had to check it was still hopscotch... The defenders of hopscotch are still bravely battle, but the contineus onslaught of the porings is making them retreat. Who will win?