How I started hopscotch



Credit to @MobCraft for the idea

I got an iPad for my birthday, my mom downloaded some apps. She downloaded hopscotch.

When we went on vacation, I decided to check out Hopscotch. I made a project that was just repeating spirals. I got a few likes. I saw some hopscotchers making websites, I wanted to make one because how they did it was awesome! I made a website with my moms help. Got a few likes

6 months later or a year later, I made a fashion club. I made an office for my fashion club, and I got featured. Until now I still don't know why I got featured. A remix of my project got featured too. It was a limo that someone put their avatar in there.

A year later a got better and better at coding. I joined the forum. I got more likes, remixes and other stuff. I met some friends on the forum, and we started a collab account called "Downright Dreamers" we are working on a game. Once the game is out, we will have a party.

So ya! That's how I started out! I hope that wasn't bragging, if it was I'm sorry.

Draw Your Life! (Hopscotchified) (aka code your life)

That's how I started doing hopscotch! Any questions?




@Explorer_ Cool! :D

It's really impressive that you got featured in such a short period of time
after you joined! :D
(I guess 6 months to 1 year is short... XD)

I recently got my first feature. XD


If only been on hopscotch for 2-3 years!


Oh wow. :0
That's a long time! :0


How long have you been hopscotchin'


On my old account, I've been here since December 2014. :D
On my new account, since summer 2015.


Same! December 2014


Awesome! :D



Nice story! I was literally reading this when you invited me...


Really? Lol XD


Yah, i had been reading all the topics in my new category


Hi it's me again