How I Relate Hopscotch to Real Life


So I usually relate the features and different concepts and blah blah blah to real life stuff, because it makes hopscotch more fun for me!

Leaving: dying.....
Likes: money
Coding: working
Banned: in jail
Rules: the LAW
And the Hopscotchers who do mostly music projects are singers, and I think the drawers can be considered artists (think Choco).

That's really all I can think of right now, LOL.

What are your ideas like this? I can't wait see!
(Also, while I'm at it, what does peepfied mean? XD)


(Peepified means turned into a peep)
(A peep is a magical creature)


Cool idea!
"Leaving" could also mean "moving to a new house"!


The peeps are offended that you would consider them candy. They are living creatures. If any creature is a candy, it is the peepos.


I forgot that


Yeah, I think accounts should be homes. Moving would be switching accounts!


This is actually a cool way to think of Hopscotch!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


*ahem! :0
The Peepos are chicks, not candy!
Peeps are candy!


Well, the peepos are candy..... of the peeps.


Mods and admin and leaders are like police,officers :smiley:


Well, the peeps are candy of the hoomans, which is equivalent of a peepo without a party hat.

Therefore, peeps are candy of peepos as well. :3


R u guys ignoring me? I'm a real creature (it's for fun)


Cool topic! I can't think of anything tho :frowning:


If so, @BuildASnowman is srgt smac. :wink:


Tagging is like texting someone an invite.
Spam-liking is like a small loan of million- um... what was it? oh yeah, dollars.

leaves topic


Posting: talking
Polls: elections/votes
Spoilers: whispers


I always think of a hopscotch town. So here's what my life in hopscotch town would be:

I had a tiny house in a not so good town (wasn't very popular). I was working really hard at my job (coding) but it wasn't working out for me. I switched jobs to a comic artist for a newspaper (artist like choco). I was much more successful that way, and moved to a big house and had lots of friends (I was getting more popular). Then, I got an internship with an awesome comic artist over the summer, it was in Forumville (I had to leave for the summer and only could go on the forum). I then decided I really wanted to take up a new job engineering (coding), and I've got a job lined up from when I get back from Forumville. I did buy a vacation house in Forumville though so I regularly visit Forumville whiles working on hopscotch.


Officer Beyoncé. That brings a new light.



And topics are like rooms

The forum is like a house I guess