How I make my smooth gradient BGs

Cool!!! I have some projects with this type of BG, but instead of Set pos: Self X pos+1, I did Set pos: Self X pos+10.

And then I changed the width of the trails to 10


Nice tutorial

Usually I don’t do smooth bgs so I’ll come here if I forget


This is an awesome tutorial, thanks!

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This is an amazing tutorial! I don’t use them much so very helpful! Could use a few more pictures maybe?

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Fun :slight_smile:
There are def ways ti make faster loading smoother ones but this is a good tutorial

But here are a couple things: Instead of repeat forever, use repeat times device width+2. And maybe set pos (-1,0) initially. And instead of height-height you can just use 0


Nice tutorial, well written!


Thank you for this amazing strategy!

I will give you credit as I will use this in my project - most likely

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Love this tutorial, but you could make it a lot faster. Here’s an instant one:

(The second image is the rest of the draw block)

Of course, you could change the H value to make it any colour.


Slow method, and many people have done this, I’d suggest using my Smooth BG Generator

Exception: Put the set variables in a 7=7 rule


I use that, but instead of the repeat I use clones, and then I can make gradients with any two colours instantly.


Me too, but this is for people who don’t know clones as well


Yeah, same. It’s much quicker.

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Nice tutorial mate!
Instead of having repeat forever, you could use
When total clones<257
I’m pretty sure that’s the number you would need.


Great tutorial! :smile:

Hopscotch has some hidden blocks in the game code which some people found, one of which is a ‘Create a Clone Times’ block which creates clones instantly. I tend to use this as, well, it’s instant.

Recently, I learned a better way to do it that’s super fast.

First, I create 30 clones,
Next, I add the code below:

I’ll explain it all better in 2019-04-18T04:00:00Z's quick coding advice at the Coding Café.

(Link will be posted here when the post comes out)

I wish I knew how to make faster gradients back when I made some of my older projects. Great tutorial!

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Thanks for the support and cc! I learned how to make my gradients faster thanks to you all.


Should I make more tutorials?

Yes you should they are better than turtles they are so good

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