How I got on hopscotch



I remember 3 years ago I asked my dad to teach me JavaScript. Now looked back I know I sound stupid but hay when your and then my dad talked to my teacher and she let me start hopscotch I loved it but I started playin seriously tell me your intro


Well for me my mom had found an app that she thought I may enjoy and I started in December but I got bored so I like stopped playing for a few months and then I was bored one day so I went unto hopscotch again and I fell in love!!! And so I am here wanting to be a programmer when I grow up and learning JavaScript ! All thanks to my mom


I moved 400 miles to Minnesota where people liked to code in my district. I started using Scratch. I scratched for a couple years. I got into HTML and JavaScript. I then started doing Java and CSS. I am currently working on an app, but I don't have time to go on my computer and do scratch anymore. Now that I have a school iPad that allows Hopscotch, I do it all the time to remind me of the time years ago, when I first made a short (kind of sad) game. When I first started block coding. I will always stay on hopscotch when I'm not making an app. Once a hopscotcher, always a hopscotcher.


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My friend showed me her iPad. And I have a school iPad, and this seemed SUPER awesome compared to all of the other bad apps we have , so I tried it out. I LOVED IT!!! Lol mines pretty simple


I was flying on my magical unicorn in the app store looking for apps. the hopscotch magically appeared i think i downloaded it in december 2013 but i didnt make an account till 2014 and here i am 2 years later and yes i do have a magical unicorn! :stuck_out_tongue:


High five! :hand: (Except for me, it was about 1000+ miles :yum:)


Do you have apps of the App Store???? I might download them :grinning:


My journey started as we had to learn to code for school and I have just kept going with it and not quited


We have our own school district App Store. Hopscotch is on it.


My dad knew I loved scratch so he was looking at coding on plural shight and then BOOM I was there coding on my dads iPad then got my own iPad and I was like "hey I remeber that hopscotch programming I want to start a account! So there I am now!


I meant, have you coded any apps that are on some app store??


I started during the school year, I was just a middle school student (5th at my school) and I was having friendship problems. As in my best friends were "using" me to push around and just to humiliate. I got frustrated and then we continued our year. I got my school iPad, but I had never really used an iPad before. I saw hooch and I got excited because that meant that I wouldn't be bored on such an awesome device. My parents are super strict about these things, so I kinda started in secret worried that my parents would notice that I'm playing a video game. Then this one girl who is still rude to me but somehow stays in a "friend zone" started playing hopscotch. I noticed that she was playing during class, starting RPs, chatting, and then I decided that maybe hopscotch isn't meant for me. I'm not allowed to do social media so my parents would be furious with me. I startedeeking back on every now and then, until I was back on. My mom thought it was cool at first, then she started noticing that I was on hopscotch a lot. So she took me off for a bit. GlitterGirl000 came during Christmas and she was excited that I had Hopscotch. She showed me this super cool coder named @LazyLizard and I was like "lol dats meh" and yeah...


I downloaded in way back in August and I don't even think I opened it before I deleted because I thought it was taking up too much space. Then I started playing with Scratch in November, and I was like, this is a little confusing. I tried Javascript, Tynker, Scratch, and a few other coding apps, websites, and languages. In January, I redownloaded Hopscotch, and now I love it!


Nope. Expect some in 6 months ish. It costs $200 to get it on an iDevices App Store.