How I got featured (twice!) My Story!


This was inspired by @CrookedCat6519, he said I could write one too!

It was around the time of the summer contest. I made a project for the contest! The project, (my summer collection game) took me FOREVER to make! I didn't think I would win, but honestly, the contest just gave me a reason to code and not procrastinate, so I decided to do it and enter.

Then, I nominated it for featured. Yep, I self nominated. But hey, it worked! Liza liked my nomination post. I though "wow, Liza liked this!" Then, I went on hopscotch. THT had liked my project! A few minutes later, it was on featured!

My activity EXPLODED with likes and remixes! Some people even remixed and changes the credit to make it seem like they made it. :laughing:

I was so EXCITED!

Soon, maybe one or two weeks later, I looked thru my old projects, and saw a Jody draw project. I changed the colors and republished. It took me two minutes, because j just changed the colors, I already had the code down. I was SOOOO surprised when it got featured.

I didn't nominate it, I didn't do anything!

That was how got featured twice!

If you have not been featured yet, keep coding! I'll tell you, it will feel so good when you finally get featured!


That's an awesome story!!

And See? activity does explode!



And yes, yes it does.


No prob!
And that's what I always warn tell people about :joy:


I am a boy @bluedogmc-official, can you please edit that :smile_cat:


Oh, I'm so sry! I'll edit it! :sweat_smile:


Thanks, don't be sorry!


AWESOME STORY! Loved every detail!


Yes, it does! Especially since there's so many thoughtful hopscotchers!
Literally, one like per second, I swear! :slight_smile:


Not to mention the remixes and follows!

It does seem like that :joy:


The story Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!



Thanks everyone!


My remix tab is clogged with that project! :slight_smile:
"637 (or whatever high score)"


Same! My remix tab is full with the pastel draw thing!


Same! Or it was but I was last Featured like 4 months ago so it's cooled down :slight_smile:


I wouldnt be too excited about that part...

Cool story!! I know that you will get featured again :D


Awesome story. It really shows how if you try your hardest, you will achieve something


Thank you @happyfacegirl! I was excited I got featured,not about that part!

Thank you @Ella_13


This shoUld be uPdaTed!


Wait you've got as many Features as me!