How I get inspiration for my projects!



A lot, like, A LOT of people have asked me where I get my ideas. These are some common ways I get my ideas, and some ways you might want to try too!

I base them off of other apps and online games.

Sometimes I see really fun games that I like, so I Hopscotchify them! Which means, I code them in Hopscotch! There is a lot of different games all over the Internet- it's perfect for inspiration! For example, Lava RUN was based on Falling Phantoms from AJ.

I get ideas from real life events.

Sometimes things happen in real life, and I like to make a project out of it! This is really good for when you are bored. Just think about your day, and how you could make something in Hopscotch like it. For example, My friend had a dentist appointment yesterday. Boom. Now I'm making a dentist game. (Don't tell anyone that, but that's a project I'm currently working on.)

I get inspired by other projects.

Sometimes I see a project and I'm like "Wow, that's awesome." I want to make something similar to that. I normally take ideas like that and combine them with other ideas to create something super awesome. For example, I used @Rawrbear's "Force Hopscotch to shut down" project and combined it with my locked website to make that "Hacker no hacking!" Project.

I just sit down and wait for an idea to come to me.

I seriously just do this. After a few minutes, an idea just pops into my head. This doesn't happen with some people, but I have strange, creative mind. I can do something like that.

These are some ways I get ideas and inspiration for my projects! I hope this will help you get some too! :smiley:


That's exactly what I do, @SmileyAlyssa


That's really helpful I just do the last one but I'll try the other ones too!


You know, a lot of people will read this. But how did you get inspiration for you holiday card?


I sat there for a really long time. :smile:


How I get ideas for music: I don't xD


I encouraged @SmileyAlyssa to make a project! GG! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: