How I found out about hopscotch!


I found out about hopscotch is someone in my class found the app and now I love it!!!


I found hopscotch cause my dad was randomly searching the app store and downloaded for me!
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My class found it in 3rd grade in the app store


Cool! I found out about Hopscotch because my 4th grade teacher wanted us to download it!

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When I first got my iPad, my dad randomly downloaded games. I didn't notice hopscotch until May 18th, 2014. I remember that date exactly. :slight_smile:
I was getting ready for a piano competition, and I was playing with my iPad right when we were about to go. My first project had Cupcake in it, and I remember adding Dino when I walked out into my garage. The reason I played it because the place the piano competition was at had no wifi, so I had to play hopscotch as a non-wifi game!
I met so many people, gosh, there were so many memories on the old hopscotch!
Do any of you old hopscotchers remember "The Monkey's" Katy Smith's Crazy Life Episode 1? :D
I watched it, and so many old memories came back!


Woah. That's an amazing story! :clap::clap::clap:


Thank you! bows

You're old on hopscotch, do you remember that short film made on hopscotch that I listed above?



i think i have been on hopscotche before there was a community...


Same :D @hopscotch_king


i remember that sydney opera house thing.
i was so amazed!


Kind of! I saw it but never watched it


I remember that!!! Oh those were the days


I remember that too, and there was an outer space thing!


I found out about it when my brother got it (back quite a few years ago)!


I mean, this topic is fine (another one was made back in October and it hasn't been active for around 4 months).


I wanted more apps for my new iPad, so at school I asked my friends to recommend some iPad apps. One of my friends said "Since you like coding, get hopscotch!" So I did!

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Yeah! I remember that and the first Featured projects! (50% of them were Funky's XD)


What do you mean?????????


in the VERY VERY very old versions of hopscotch, there was no community...


I have been on hopscotch since April 2016!
That means I have been on hopscotch for 4 months!