How Hopscotch works

Anyone know why this doesn’t work?


Sometimes it doesn’t have any results.


Search results seem to update very infrequently.

Like, when GCC changed his username temporarily, I still had to search SportyGeographer to find the account.

And sometimes the search result just doesn’t exist, as you said. That was the longest time with my iPhone account until I simply changed my name once then changed it back.

And what’s even funnier is that I never changed my iPad’s account name after I created my iPhone account (changed once or twice when transferring accounts).

Actually, I might have just explained myself. Try changing your username then reverting the change. Then search and it might show up. wait, that still doesn’t explain GCC.


@AwesomeOnion @Nazari - I’m curious, if you don’t mind sharing, what approach is used with the HS Player to prevent complications with floating point arithmetic error? Did you implement a library like bignumber.js so numbers would have additional precision and then truncate or round back to a certain number of digits during comparison operations?

Thought the explanation would be appropriate for “How Hopscotch Works”…


If you want the topic back I can reopen.
Just figured a clive would be fine since it’s solved.



Float point precision is a known and annoying issue for developers since ever haha. Libraries like bignumbers.js add some overhead (for the application, not for the user) and are better suited for applications that deal with money, where do you need a long number of decimals and don’t want to lose any of them.

We’re still figuring up what is the best approach to deal with them for Hopscotch but for our case, we want that the webplayer will be as fast as possible doing calculations, and we can afford to lose some precision dealing with floats. So, right now, we’re rounding them to 5 decimals (should be enough precision for games) to compare them, and internally we use Number.EPSILON as offset, so two floats will be equal if a-b <= offset.

Looks like this is a good way for us to deal with them, but this may change if we discover some edge cases where this doesn’t fit well.

If anybody wants to know more about float point this website is great


Thank you for the explanation. Just to note, sometimes the Player is rounding x.xxxx5 up as it should while other times it rounds down.

.123449 = .123455 evaluates to true
It’s rounding to
.12345 = .12345 {true}
instead of
.12345 = .12346 {false}

So the Player really only has 4 decimals of precision for comparison operators…


Nice catch! It’ll be fixed by the next release. Thanks


Hey thanks! What do you mean? Do you have a project to test it? It would be great have more information about this, thank you!


(Example being the Web Explorer)

(Just thought putting it in a reply would be better – @nazari)

This happens on iOS when a project has an aspect ratio totally off. sometimes it does go to full screen, but either way the aspect ratio still works. I believe the second one is intended behavior.

On a PC, it stretches the width and fills the entire screen, like this:

That’s not particularly ideal for iPhone-made projects

Demo project:


This isn’t really related, but why does HS need
Why is the a dedicated url shortener necessary?

The forum doesn’t seem to consider it a link, so it isn’t redirecting.


Brand protection.
They don’t want a repeat of hopscotch. com because now they have to use the less then perfect domain since a guy named Joseph bought the domain first.


@AwesomeOnion, what determines whether a project is eligible to show up in Google Search results? I’ve seen some as a result of mods and admins and I know they usually result from being linked in posts of some sort, but I couldn’t find any.

Like, for example, how did this project become able to show up only recently even though I made it almost 6 years ago?

@MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE it does work if you add http:// or https:// in front of it.


“Rafters Dodge Game” seems like a unique title. I think the only game that owns that title is your project.

I think if we search titles like “Castle Defender” or “Let’s Bounce” or “Mighty Octopus”, they most likely won’t show up. But google search gives thousands of results so maybe they will somewhere in the middle or in the end.


Correction: Mighty Octopus appears too.


So I think that if a hopscotch project title is uncommon or unique, it will most likely show up first or near the top when you search.

3rd post in a row, hope it’s not too much


I believe if it is linked on an indexed page, it will show up. For example, if somebody links it on a regular’s topic, then it will show up in search results.


Yeah it’s something like that, but I want a little more in-depth explanation.

No, it’s something with how things are indexed on the web. But I mean, try searching and it finds as many results of HS projects as possible. But only a few do show up because they’ve been linked by an admin here or something similar.


Wait what did you type in google search that triggered Rafters Dodge Game to show up?


That’s weird.

I searched and I found an endless number of HS projects.