🍃 How Hopscotch can make lots of money without the sadness

First, let me get this out of the way. The subscription is not the problem. It makes sense that you would pay extra for images, drawings, the beta editor (genius subscription idea), and the extra tutorials. Also, the subscription is a good price and I think Hopscotch should keep it. I made this topic because I have another idea about how they can make much more money. BUT, before they can implement that plan, they need to fix a problem.

I think we all know the elephant in the room. Hopscotch programming is great, the forum is great, THT is great, but core features of Hopscotch being taken away unless you buy a subscription is not great at all.

  • Nobody can even create a new account on Hopscotch without subscribing unless they jump through a bunch of hoops.
  • Even once they jump through the hoops, they are limited to only publishing 15 projects unless they subscribe!

I get it, Hopscotch needs money; but by blockading non-subs from joining and creating a more limiting app, THT are setting themselves up for failure. Here’s the problem with the system they have now:

  1. It discourages growth.
    The kids who used Hopscotch in the beginning are growing up. They are going to get real jobs (hopefully becoming real programmers), but there are new kids who want to code with Hopscotch and Hopscotch is not giving them a fair chance. I have a young friend who really wants to use Hopscotch, but he was scared away by having to sign up to a free trial before actually getting to code with his own profile. He might even buy a Hopscotch subscription later, but he can’t even give it a chance without signing up for the free trial! Even if he gets a profile without a subscription, he will only have 15 projects that he is allowed to publish (even though I get unlimited projects just because I signed up earlier). If Hopscotch continues discouraging newcomers, it will die. I guarantee that.
  2. It makes Hopscotch look bad
    I mean, come on guys! Your goal was to teach kids to code! Not to become one of those greedy developers. The thing is, The Hopscotch Team are looking more like greedy developers every day. The subscription, the project limit, new people having to subscribe before joining Hopscotch. These are classic greedy moves. The consumer spots it immediately and it makes them have a bad taste for Hopscotch right out of the box.

I know that Hopscotch needs money. I get that. That’s why I made this post. Because the way you are trying to make money now discourages payment.
I know that sounds stupid, but it’s true. The subscription is really really cool and has some awesome features; but the way Hopscotch sells the subscription makes people less likely to pay. Older HSers won’t see the benefit in subscribing and new HSers don’t even understand what they are signing up for.

I know you’re probably thinking “well, once they sign up, they can cancel the free trial.” But seriously guys! Nobody new to any app understands that. When they first download the app, people think it’s a pay-to-play and immediately (because that’s what other developers do) and don’t like it. THT even knows that’s true, I’ve seen the many 1 star reviews that are proof that it’s true.

I believe that if THT sold Hopscotch correctly, everyone would buy it (in one way or the other). That’s where my solution comes in

The solution

I challenge Hopscotch to view their app the same way the consumer does.

First, fix the no newcomer problem and the greedy developer problem

Before they can sell Hopscotch to people, THT has to fling it out of the pit they dug for it. Hopscotch dug themselves into such a deep pit with how they modified the system that it will take 2 ladders to climb out of it. To make it easier for you, I will provide my idea for blueprints to create the ladders:
  1. Remove the 15 project rule and the try-premium-before-you-sign-up rule
    They don’t work, they make you look bad, and they are the main reason you don’t get as many new passionate programmers. Things like images, beta testing, drawing, and extra tutorials make sense to have behind a subscription; but limited projects and signing up does not (in the consumer’s perspective). This is because publishing projects is a basic feature of Hopscotch and it feels like publishing is how Hopscotch works. If you take away the core part of Hopscotch, people will not subscribe; but will look for something else to use instead.
  2. Fix the broken categories
    Oof, this one’s hard, but if you want new fresh people to join, it is necessary. New Hopscotchers don’t even show up in the categories. Take, for example, my two younger brothers. My brother Elisha is sad that none of his projects ever show up anywhere in the play tab. He worked very hard on his projects. He spends days on them sometimes, but his projects never get a chance in Hopscotch and that is discouraging. He says that’s the main reason he hasn’t used his iTunes money to subscribe to premium. He also says that he thinks many other Hopscotchers feel the same way. The system you have now is cool for the player, but what if it could be cool for both the player and the creator? I think we’ve figured out a way to do that.
    First. Create a “remix” tab, a “tutorials” tab, and an “other” tab. Remixes will go into the remix tab, projects made from tutorials will go into the tutorial tab, and all other projects go into the “other” category. The “remix” or “tutorial” tabs are automatic and can’t be changed unless the HSer’s project gets nominated to another category or is featured.
    Now there are many different ways to finish it off from there. @Temmy had a good idea to let the community decide what projects go into what categories. This would be hard to implement, but it’d be really cool and could be another perk of subscribing to Hopscotch.

When you've taken care of that, here's how to make more money

Sell subscription services separate from subscriptions
I would pay $4.30 to buy a single pro HS tutorial that I can keep forever (THT makes a little over $3 per tutorial because of Apple’s developer system taking 30%).
I would pay $1.45 per premium project published forever (that’s $1 for THT because Apple’s developer system is really unfair)
When someone buys 2 tutorials, THT earns more money then they get when someone subscribes for a month.
There are many reasons why this system would be beneficial to Hopscotch.

  • It would encourage Hopscotch to make more tutorials geared towards what the user wants because people are paying more for them
  • It will reach a larger demographic of buyers

The reason selling services like this makes more people buy them is that there is a certain feeling people get when they own something. It makes them feel happy that the project or tutorial they bought is all there own and that they don’t have to pay monthly for it. People with iTunes gift cards are more likely to spend their iTunes money on a Hopscotch tutorial because it’s something almost tangible. In fact, if Hopscotch implements this feature, I will buy a tutorial immediately. That’s one customer right there. What about you all? Would you buy a project or tutorial?

  • I would buy a project
  • I would buy a tutorial
  • I would probably buy both
  • I would pay more
  • Maybe
  • Nope

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If you voted maybe or nope, tell us why:

  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t don’t buy in-app-purchases
  • I don’t want anything offered (reply with what you would buy)
  • I don’t like this idea
  • I don’t like Hopscotch
  • I accidentally voted

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There are even more benefits to selling services separate from subscription:

  • People are more likely to pay for the subscription because they see it’s worth better
  • People will feel freer to be creative and code whatever they want in whatever way they want with Hopscotch while helping keep hopscotch afloat
  • It will make Hopscotch an even better gift for people to give to one another
  • It will encourage coders to use premium features more then just people who have subscription money.

There you go. That’s it. That’s all you have to do to make much more money in Hopscotch. I hope the THT will decide to do this and make Hopscotch a wonderful place for young logical minds.

@Elizabeth Since you’re product manager, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is the best way for Hopscotch to make more money. You most likely even have professional statistics that back me up on this.


Without the sadness lol


What does the forum think of this idea?

  • I love it!
  • There are some alterations that would make it better
  • horrible idea

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Please respond and tell me why you voted like you did


Thank you for elaborating on why the 15 project limit doesn’t benefit Hopscotch. I could not have worded it better myself.

As for someone who really doesn’t like in-app purchases, I could actually see myself using one or two projects with images / beta editor / whatever. It is less bang for the buck but it’s a great idea for those who only want to do one project that might take a long time.

As for a design, I do have an idea:

If this gets tied into project settings, there would be a button in the popup menu that says “make this project premium” or something similar to the beta editor toggle.



Yep, that is there to grab that sort of attention.



I agree with your points. The 15 project limit is really discouraging to new users


I created this topic because I see Hopscotch dying soon. If they discourage newcomers, Hopscotch will die


@tankt2016 @Temmy Is there anything Hopscotch could do to make you want to pay them?


I feel the same way, pal. I’m hoping we can restore the good old days of 2015.




Nope. For multiple reasons:

  1. That would give the greedy developer feel
  2. It would ruin the whole programming experience.
  3. It’s very hard to filter ads.
  4. Some people would focus on the ads more then they focus on the programming.

You don’t know what you’re asking for when you ask for ads.


I disagree with ads in the app. The close buttons on those are so hard to click and the ads themselves aren’t really suitable. Just think about what it would have been like if HS did have ads this whole time.

But, that idea isn’t entirely out of the picture for me either. I think that when people play projects in the web browser, there should be ads on the sides of the play page. This would earn THT profit from those ads (also, that reaches people who do not have the app) and not destroy the user experience, as they can Fullscreen the player window.


Hs could do commissions. But idrk how


The problem is that the majority of the non-art community is probably <13


Honestly, I totally understand what you’re trying to say here. I like the idea, and totally agree with you on removing the 15 project limit, but the thing to disagree with is the pricing per published project/video tutorial. Sure, the tutorial cost makes sense in a way, but I feel that without much more advanced tutorials it wouldn’t be worth it, as I already know how to do 90% of the stuff in the tutorials. However, from a new users perspective it makes sense, but I feel that you should only pay for the more advanced tutorial, such as perhaps math and sine cosine, but all the simpler tutorials should be free. Secondly, I also see what you were thinking for premium projects costing money to publish, but I’ve had a bad experience with micro transactions like those, and I feel that it would suc.k, especially for new users (look mom! I made a awesome project ! But I have to pay 1.45 to publish it because I used the change scene block twice.) now, I understand your point here, but I fee maybe we could go a different way with it. I gotta eat, I’ll say some more later.


Maybe ads to other programming sites if they are custom-built for Hopscotch, but other than that, I don’t think so.

It’s very hard to make people feel calm and creative when there are ads popping up telling you what to think.


I am going to buy the sine cosine tutorial if Hopscotch rolls this out. Also, it would encourage them to make more advanced tutorials. Especially if most of it’s users are buying advanced tutorials.


There are actually non-obtrusive ads out there, it’s just that you don’t see them often (maybe they don’t make as much money I assume). But nothing animated and flashy.

I totally get where you’re coming from when you say that. Too often are ads both laggy and distracting. Knowing I despise those, it’s possible (not easily but worth it in the long run I think) to do it properly.


If you all have any other ideas on how Hopscotch can make money, I want to hear!



Adds are pesky and annoying for the user, and despite the profits earned for THT, there are still fees and other financial “difficulties” that go along with them. It might also discourage users from downloading Hopscotch because of the adds. That’s a common theme in the comments of some mobile games on the App Store.