How Hopscotch Can Be Improved!



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What Should Hopscotch Include In Their Updates?

  • New Blocks
  • New Characters
  • New Ways Of Playing (On Android, Phone, Etc)
  • New Channels
  • New Loading Screens
  • New How-To Videos
  • Other


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New characters the old ones are great but I'd love some new!



A few new blocks to keep some things a bit easier would be great. For example a repeat until block, instead of hiding the stuff the repeat forever block causes.


I think the idea of being able to play on more than Apple devices would be great because the only Apple device I have is a school iPad.


I would just like to say that the loading screens are getting quite boring. It would be awesome to have new loading screens!


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A block that lets the characters talk would be nice.


Actually @BlackDawn, You Only Have To Put A Text Block Next To Each Character And Set Text To Different Things You Want Them To Say!


Oh thank you I didn't know that.


how do new characters add anything to hopscotch? they are all just the same. Exept they all animate differantly. Why not emojis? or text? Anyways, I cant beleive cross platforms isnt the highest on the list!


I voted new ways of playing because some people do not have IPads and it would be cool to use your phone to play hopscotch on the run and that way my friends with NO iPads could play it on their laptop.


Sorry that you can't come back on Hopscotch because of that :(

I guess people using Hopscotch (and so users of this forum) have iPads so they might not be as eager for support across different platforms since we already have it on our iPads, though it would be fantastic for people who have different devices. Hopscotch on Android is planned for sometime in 2016 I heard.

Personally I always get excited for new blocks whenever they come, though I know they can't always come forever.


Sorry @chickenlord1501! I will be sure to mention to Liza about cross platforms. Sorry about that!


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nice, thanks for the cheer up. When the new version (if it does) ever comes out, I would be so happy. though anyways I think new blocks would be cool. Maybe some block that isnt to specific like colors, so you can do a lot with it. Maybe something with multiplayer, like for the project to update every few seconds when someone plays it. They have something like that on scratch and its pretty fun to use. especially for making stratagy games where you have to think before you move so no one notices the 2 second lag in between players.


I agree great idea @BlackDawn


I think being able to have a 'change when' block. That would be super helpful. Also being able to have a trail in front of a text/clone. And being able to have a 'set amount of clones' block. That would help in a new project I am working on.


You should make this a multiple choice poll :smile:


@Rawrbear Sorry, I'm Not Sure How To Make It A Multiple Choice Poll :sob:


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