How have you changed since the beginning?



Wow. I decided to look back to see my first projects made in November. They were levels and projects made with the videos. But I did finally find my first project that was not a remix or level.
It was called: Easy Challenge: be unique.



:iphone: I do remember thinking I could never do a great project and end up in Featured or Trending. Today, I have had 5+ projects in Trending. Back then, I would have been proud of where I am today. :purple_heart:


same here I think everyone has come a long way with coding


Yes, I think everyone has too. It just takes practice and time! :+1: :wink: :blush:


I so agree, a lot of people think they will get it on there first try it takes aloooot of practice


I only started in July and my first project was Chilliana running around, drawing spirals and that kind of stuff.

After a few weeks of Hopscotch (I am a fast learner)

I can make laptops and cool backgrounds and that kind of stuff!

How time flies huh!


I Started Hopscotch on a day in Feburary and my first project was firebirds trip I thought about how I would program it then I realized how coding works and then I started it you can scroll all the way down to the bottom of my profile to find it but I did a few challenges before that.


I joined in June. My first project-I never published it, it's sitting in my drafts- was the Flappy Bird video (I never did the "My First Project"). I never thought anyone would really care about my projects because I was so new. Now, I have received hundreds of likes, about 30 remixes, 25 followers in two weeks, and have been on Trending twice (even though I had to get a new account)! It's amazing, and this is why you can't give up because you don't get many likes!:wink:


When I first started hopscotch I knew NOTHING about coding. We didn't study coding in school. I had no clue what hopscotch was except that it was coding. Somehow I got really into it though, and I started to figure it out. And then later (a lot later)I got a project on featured. I still had no clue what featured and trending were but I knew it was good.


If you compare my latest tresure dive

To the origanal

Ive added quite a lot


It seems soooooooo long ago when I started Hopscotch and how I dreamed of even getting one project on featured. When it happened I jumped up from the table creating a bit of a stir, but I was soooo happy. I don't think I would have ever expected to get so much praise for my projects and I just have to thank everyone for the support! Hopscotch has been my confidence booster for over a year and a half and I believe that I have gone from being a nube to actually being able to code! I love it! :yum:


I have only one project on trending but lots of people like my logos!!


I've been on Hopscotch for over two years ago. The blocks were a lot more simple then now. I remember Funky63 as my favorite Hopscotcher. I always tried to decode his projects without any luck. They seemed way too complicated. That was when I was about 10.

Then, my first Featured happened. My Ocean Life was Featured and made into a video by the Hopscotch Team. This one has over 700 likes. Soon, my first trending happened. The project was like a magic eight ball and it got over 300 likes.

Now, I'm a much better Hopscotcher and can't wait to see how much more I can improve!


Yep. My first project was the 3D shading video.

I think with the help of other hopscotchers, looking and studying code from others (monkey see monkey do XD), and doing levels and videos, I have improved tremendously from the beggining!