How has your art improved? [Also draw pad ideas?]


If you are an artist, you have probably gone through some improvement. Now go find an old piece of art somewhere and post it! Comment on how YOU think you improved, and maybe you think how bad your old art it. When I look at mine, it's like looking at someone else's art! Here is a VERY BAD "dragon?" That I tried to draw. And it's bipedal! Whaaa?

Also-Any Draw Pad Ideas?
I've been struggling to make a good art pad. I've got the colors covered, but I need help with the layout. Choices:
-All colors, HSB choose color format
-Classic square colors
-HSB color picker + Hue square colors for easier hue finding
Comment on which one because I don't know how to make a vote yet...sigh

Design ideas
-Transparent sides with black text also a rainbow title
-Transparent bottom with black text and also black title
-Transparent tab on the side, 2 inter-choosable tabs
Please comment on which idea you think is best!

Other options
-3D draw
-Other, please comment

These options are permanent, all will be there
I am not planning for this to become possibly featured, so I will not spend 2 months working on it!
Again, thanks!
[This description is too long XD]

~Delightfully yours,




What app did you use?


My art hasn't improved at all, due to the fact I close to never draw.:laughing:


Not at all

Nah I've only done like 6 drawings


idk, feel free to steal any inspiring stuff from here. no credit absolutely necessary.


A good drawing app that's free is Autodesk Sketch. For 4-5 dollars, Tayasui Sketches pro and Procreate. Did this help?


Yeah I'll go check them out!


Notability. This isnt meh best tho. This is from like 5th or 6th grade.


Wow its AMZING how you can make dots with different uhhhhhhh dark and bright (smacks face)


Lol its just like using a highlighter. :sweat_smile:


Oh uh ok.....