How has Hopscotch helped you in everyday life?


So, I was browsing the App Store today, and saw this!

Check out the first app in the "Coding for Kids" section! :D

It got me thinking about how Hopscotch has affected me, and how it's helped. Share your stories here! Has it helped you be more creative? Has it inspired you to be a programmer when you grow up? Share your stories!

(I did search topics, and found nothing like this. If there is, please tell me. :D)


I want to be programmer when I grow up and it's because of hopscotch!
I can just say one think!

Hopscotch is awesome!

Edit: hopscotch has do so I have learn so much more about programming, coding and math!


Hopscotch helped me code and more tools.


I want to be a software engineer when I grow up and work at nintendo, sony or microsoft. Hopscotch is helping me with sin and cos and I want to get into new programming languages. Scratch helps me more but I know sin and cos and hsb which might be in java or whatever. Also a lot of my friends have hopscotch, so its easyer to do a collab with them!


Hopscotch is much better! XD jk, jk

Hopscotch has helped me learn Sine And Cosine, what comes first; X or Y in coordinates (I always used to get confused XD), and now I want to be a coder!


Great topic!

I've been wondering kind of the same thing! I think it's helped me be more creative and has definitely helped me understand code better. Last summer, I did a little bit of Python and it confused me so much. But now I think I could go back and do Python (you know what I should do that this summer) and understand it much better. I think it carries over into a lot of things in life! It has probably made me more logical, because the first thing I do when I'm about to make a set of code is think what the most efficient way to do it is.

And now I want to be a programmer when I'm older. :D I think it's fun, and I love problem solving! :D


Where do you learn Python at?


(Sorry to go off topic!)

But I have a book that teaches and has little exercises, and I downloaded the Python platform on my computer. :D

I seriously think that Hopscotch helped me understand coding much better though. :D Real coding languages may not be drag and drop, but still have the same elements, so I think it would have helped me understand I better! I guess it's like you learn piano for a little bit, not much, just the basics, so it's fairly easy at that point, then go into something harder like the trumpet or saxophone or something: those instruments will be easier to learn now because you've started piano and now have some skills that make them easier to learn! :D


I think Hopscotch helped me becuase it made me more creative, and smarter than most of the other kids in school. Also, it makes me pay attention more, because I am always looking for things to code in nature, or anywhere where I go.


It has helped me learn to be more outgoing and social, and has helped me see the world from a coding perspective. It's given me a lot of understanding.


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This app has changed my life for the better! I can solve problems faster, can learn other coding languages faster, and g me into higher classes at school. This app has given me a head start against my peers. This app has given me social skills to interact with our people online. But my greatest achievement of all is the helpfulness I have gained here. I can help someone who no one helps, help people who aren't expecting it, and more! Those are what this app has done to help me in everyday life.


Hopscotch is a place to share your ideas and mainly to have fun. It's kinda of like social media though, but in an educational way!