How has Hopscotch changed?


Hey guys, I haven’t been on Hopscotch for two years because my iPad mini cracked so I stopped coding. I feel like I missed a lot while I took a break from hopscotch. What projects have hopscotchers created and how has hopscotch changed over the past two years?

-Tori the Crafter :yellow_heart:


Oh man a lot has happened.
First off, welcome back!! I remember you and you’re super awesome. Nice to have ya back

And second, the forum has a subscription and stuff now and Theresa limit on projects. Trending is gone, there have been some major updates (new blocks etc). the coding standard and creativity is <= what it was before, and there a lot more art and roleplays and stuff.

The forum has changed a lot too, but that’ll take a long while to decently sum up


hi i remember you, i used to love your projects on the hopscotch app lol


Yeah I checked hopscotch and I feel like the overall quality of the projects is less than it was before but there’s a lot of cool stuff too


Thanks I’m glad you liked them!


There have been QUITE some changes. First off HS created some set width and height blocks (which allowed ThinBuffalo and CreatiomsOfANoob to do CRAZZZY syuff (mostly involving 3d)) and there are now check if and blocks. If you join HS after Jan 1 2019 you jave a 15 projext limit. However this doesnt apply for people that have been on since 2018. Fetured quality has gone down. Art and RP stuff is alllll over. Forum has a No GT thing now.


I just visited your account, and it’s so nostalgic.
Kinda want to go back to that time, but still not.

I think you should keep Hopscotch as a great memory and not get stuck in it again. It might not meet your expectations as of what you remember.
But that’s up to you to decide.


Actually I joined December 2018 and my projects are limited.

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Welcome back! I think I remember you, and a lot has changed! We’re you there when the subscription was added?

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Welcome back! I remember you!
A lot has changed.
A new set width/height block; less/greater than or equal to blocks; there’s a subscription for Hopscotch and without it, any new accounts will have a limit on amount of projects (15); trending was taken down maybe due to some buIIying that happened; there’s a lot more art and role plays; CTS created an awesome comic; there’s two Hopscotch Curators, SmileyAlyssa and Madi_Hopscotch_, who feature projects; Liza left Hopscotch; the youth leaders thing stopped in 2016, but restarted in March…


They were.
The subscription was added summer 2016.

Also since when do you use “dude”


It doesn’t feel that long ago… feels like it was summer 2017 not 16


Or maybe it was 2017 I forget

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Lol same


What could be the possible reasons why subscription is added?


THT needed to make money and they decided to have a paid subscription where you could make custom sprites and pictures instead of paid app


Ok, and I think they limited the maximum number of projects to 15 so that users will be encouraged to get subscription.


Yeah they have to find a way to keep the app going

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Oh hey I remeber you, you had really good projects!

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(And to make money to buy food and housing and other needs)