How hard is it to get regular?


How long does it take to get regular btw I just got member


Not so hard unless you are not active a lot on the forum.


Look at Kiwicute2016's topic!!!


It takes a while! Just stay active, read lots of topics, and reply and like a lot.
You can ask @kiwicute2016 how close you are on her topic!


It's pretty tough. You need to read a thousand topics or something like that.


Just be active in the forum, read tons of topics and give some likes! Be nice so you don't get flagged! That's it, you have to be in for 50 days and be active!


Looks like you need to be on at least 40 more days; judging by your summary. Plus other requirements.


You need to be active for 50 days reed like 1000 topics!


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Yep! You have to have under 25 flags I think, you need to be on for at least 50 days, and read something like 1100 topics. I don't know how many posts, but it's not a small amount!