How good is hopscotch? (As a business)


So, hopscotch... How good is it as a business? Like there profits and how much money. Really just finance and sales. Also how much things sold. Yes it is borring but it would be nice ti know.

Wait, hopscotch is free and no in app purchases? Hmm....


I am pretty sure it is mainly non-profit.

Not sure though! :D


Then how do they update it?




I said



I'm not sure!


Probably of the people who bought the school version.


I knew I saw something like this...


This is for how good is hopscotch at business not the profit. Right now we are talking about profit.


Im sure free apps could get profite, or is it in app purchase..


They have to pay Apple so I don't know they may have other jobs!


I feel like the school version is useless now because THT gave away the paid characters. :thinking:


I asked them about that on a Google livechat. It seems storage for HS is very much a problem, then they asked me how much I would pay to keep using it if they needed to charge a fee.

However, if there were enough major users that would really like to help THT, they might not even need to charge a fee. If the people donated anyways without them asking.

But not everyone get's pocket money to spend on anything.


Google livechat about hs? Can I learn more?

Btw good points.


I would charge up to ten dollars maybe more to hopscotch!

Also, I know @Rodrigo has opanother job so he gets money off of that!


You can ask THT via email, to have a chat with you, it is very similar to facetime.


Wait is google live hangouts?


Yes, it is Google Hangouts :DD


I don't have another job. I work full time at Hopscotch.
: )


I thought you made shirts!

But I bet it's fun full time!:smile:


Do you like you job :slight_smile: