How Good Are My Projects?



I was just wondering, honestly, how good do you guys think my projects are? I know that 2 of my projects are on Trending right now but I'm pretty sure that it's because of remixes. I just want to know if you guys like my projects. Thanks!


I think they are awesome! You are super good with text art! :thumbsup:


Thanks! That means a lot coming from you! @SmileyAlyssa


Here is a topic to get more feedback! Get Feedback! Tips For Improving! And other stuff!: Your projects are amazing! Keep at it! Your text art is flawless!


You are one of the best new Hopscotchers :D you are amazing with trail art.


Thanks so much! That means soooooo much coming from you!


You have awesome projects!


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Thanks a lot!


@TheLogoMaster you seriously are one of the best new hopscotchers


Thanks a lot! I'm actually working on a few new logos right now!


What's your hopscotch username? I need to check out your profile! I bet it's awesome!


@TheLogoMaster i just realized your background was my oldest background! XD :hand_splayed: high five


Why do you reply to me when you're not talking to me?


sorry... i just normally reply randomly.. i should work on replying to the right person...


It's ok I was just asking Sometimes I do it


I found your account @TheLogoMaster! It's awesome! The logos you make are so cool! Keep it up!


Your text art is amazing! Keep it up! :smiley::thumbsup:


My HS username is LogoMaster.