How Does This Look?



Hi guys...I guess I'm back...? If @ColourfulBlack doesn't quit, I won't quit. Simple. End of that.
What I'm really asking for, is your opinion on how this looks. Does it need more? Improvement? Constructive criticism please? It's a trail art, BTW :D... I'm going to focus on trail art a bit more, because it's very challenging, and that's good :D!
Here's the pic!

Thank you!



Make the background blue, and you're pretty much done! :D


Cool! But I think you should add a sun and a blue background to go with some clouds!


I was going. To do that -_- how did ya know??
Thanks for it tho!


Yeah! So it doesn't look weird!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin::blush:


Anything else? ^_^


Thank goodness your not leaving! I love the project, but I advise the backround too. :D


I agree, but a pastel blue


It's really beautiful! :D

I suggest adding a bird and maybe another animal cuz animals come back in spring. You don't have to tho, it's just a suggestion :D


:D! Good one! Now I have to figure out how to do that...? @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf, help pls?
(Ya don't have to :wink:, just cause you are AMAZINGLY TALENTED at coded art :D)


I'm psychic lol


say whaaaaaaa


Lel......what am I thinking noooooowwww?


You're thinking lelelelleellelelelelelelele (and so on)!


Thank yous! :3
I can help with the bird, (when I get home XD) it's kind of a simple bird, like this.


Ok! I will give it a try, and show you!


Actually no -_-... I was thinking...
(Capitals are important, ya know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


It looks great!!! And @ColourfulBlack didn't leave she's just taking a break!!!


She be taking a break? I will do them, how long? :3 3/4 done with your drawing!
Lol that was so off topic:D


It was a typo, sorry!