How does this happen? Does it always happen?

Here is the problem in the beginning I was popular, now I’m not. Not that it matters to much I’m just curious and a little worried

One of my first projects got 34 likes:

A project I posted 1 week ago got 13 likes:

Please don’t say it’s because the first one was published longer because it got those likes in 2 days. Don’t say it’s because the first one is better because the 13 and under likes has been going on for all projects posted after that one.


Um…I’m not quite sure why…


It’s because the screenshot on the first is more visually pleasing.


It depends on the project i guess
Maybe it was a popular thing at the time


I relate


It’s because it feels like there are less Hopscotchers…

Hi @summarianstudios

Yes, this problem happens A LOT to me. It’s really hard to explain. Why would this happen? I suggest perhaps

  1. Remixing your second project (the one you consider to be better)


  1. Ask in a project why that happened

Option 2 isn’t that great I apologize

Has this happened multiple times? If not, I would suggest moving on and just continued work to improve your Hopscotch image :+1:

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