How does sine and cosine even work?


Ok, I'm actually confused on what sine and cosine is even used for! Creating values? Moving objects? If statments? Yeah, I know. I sound stupi.d saying this, but I wanna learn how to use it, because apparently, sine and cosine creators can make awesome projects with it, and when a project is "based on sine and cosine", it just seems cool. Basically, I want to know how sine and cosine works.

I'm tagging @KVJ and @DMF since they're masters of it!



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Sine and Cosine give number outputs from -1 to 1, so when it says 100x it multiplies it by 100, making it useful for setting position for clones rather than turn and move, so you can store speed and rotation. +500 means it will start at x/y 500 and go from there. Sine is the y axis, and Cosine is the x axis. So 100xsine0+500 means it will start out at 500, and go 100 outward like rotation 180. Hope this helped @Zachyswag!
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This topic might help you.


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Calculation Blocks

Look at @UptownStudios tutorial it will help


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