How does @Phase_Admin affect you?


Title explains all. Tell me how I can affect. Don't worry, I won't be offended.


You don't affect me! First laik/reply!


Thixz me fam. You are now part of the Phasez Fam.


Your nice! Some of your topics confuse me tho....


Ima turtle, so that is why I can confuse you! BLAH


Lol :stuck_out_tongue: You don't affect me that much XD except for when your turtle topics make me ponder the meaning of life.


You affect me like a snowflake to snow! :D


You affect me. Sometimes your topics are off topic a little, but you do make me laugh. I would just say to only make HS related topics :smiley:


I used to think you were a mod XD


We recognised you


You were an inspiration for me when I first started the fourm!


You are a nice forum member!


Dude, that is not needed is disrespectful to me.


You confuse me XD

That's not a bad thing BTW


That offends people...


You're not making any sense because you don't know any grammar rules, and you would know that it's "you're" not "your" if you were paying attention in English.


You do realize that this is a community for little kids, right? :laughing:


That's nice, do you know of auto-correct?


That's nice, do you know grammar?


You don't really affect me much :D

Except when you make random spammy topics, that kinda confuses me XD

I would say to be a bit more on topic, but other than that you're fine you're a turtle! :stuck_out_tongue: