How does hopscotch record the screen?


This is questionable because Apple doesn't allow any screen recorder apps because it might record when you think it is off. It might record passwords and stuff like that. The ONLY thing you can do about it is jailbreak your ipad (change the coding). Yes CHANGE THE CODING ON YOUR IPAD!:scream:


It just records the screen while IN ONE GAME passwords most likely won't be shown im pretty sure apple approved them


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They don't allow it for some things, but in apps it uses ReplayKit.


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If you have a MacBook (or Mac) you can record your screen from there without getting an app. Here's a video explaining how to make gifs that the Hopscotch Team made that shows you how to do this:

Unfortunately, it won't show where your finger is on the screen (like how the Hopscotch Team has it in their videos.), but you can record your voice and screen.
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Hopscotch records the screen using ReplayKit, which was made into IOS 9.
Read more about it here
And here:


Or you guys can download some programs that can mirror and record devices screen via Airplay. It just needs a computer, Windows or Mac can both work. And a steady Wi-Fi network.

I search Google and find these.
Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder:
Shou App:


If you have a newer version you can press the red button.


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