How does homework from school affect you?



Howdy!!! I just wanted to ask everyone if you think homework affects your hopscotch time. I barely get to code on hopscotch when homework comes to destroy me. I want to hear if homework affects you on hopscotch time, or if you don't have homework and maybe even if you like homework or not. Thanks!!!





  • Homework isn't the worst or the best
  • I would die if I had to write the answer to 1+1 on my homework


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Thanks to everyone who votes and replies!!!


You should add that you don't have homework, I'm homeschooled


Oh yeah!!! I'll do that.


So my geometry teacher doesn't mak us do homework, but if I don't do it then I'll fail.

I also am not affected by HS anymore, I just procrastinate whenever​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry I can't change the poll. (I was about to put I don't do my homework cause I don't have any and a bunch of other stuff.) P.S: If you don't do homework in any reason just post that.


I made a topik kinda like this called is school really affecting our HS and forum time?


I took a peek at that one..


Seriously @MobCraft XD


I hate homework with a passion :stuck_out_tongue:


I can't believe you hate it that much lol


Meh, not really :neutral_face: My homework is pretty easy and I'm not very active on Hopscotch...


All my school is homework! (I am homeschooled)


I usually have time after my HW to go on HS but the last few days I had had NO time. :frowning:️️ Hopefully it will get better!


I do Munich homework right when I get home and sometimes on the bus. It doesn't really effect my HS


Guys there is already a topik for this....should I ask one of the leaders to recycle or??.....


Do you mean my topic or your topic?


Well, the reason you haven't seen me at all lately is because I have SOO much homework and swim and I'm stressing about an audition I have and ya.

Homework affects me a lot.