How do you view edit history of a post?


I searched but I couldn’t find anything on this. People talk about looking at the search history but nobody explains how. So how?


If it’s a wiki, you can look at all the edits by tapping the little notepad in the right corner. If it’s not, you can’t. Leaders can, though.


Tap the green thing on this post. Orange pencil on your own post.

You can also see who made which edit in the edit history. -Rawrbear
And the edit reason -Nindroid
And every single edit if there’ve been a lot -KVJ


Well, as said on wikis you can see the history by cleaning the green pencil, but if it is not a wiki you cannot. That is, unless it is your own post that you’ve edited. If you have edited your post after five minutes a pencil will show up, simply press the pencil and you’ll see your previous edits.

Leaders can see all edits, but as for a normal member you can only see your own.