How do you use this?


I want to have Private chat with my friends but is leave a ect. You get the idea but I don't know how to use this? Can someone tell what I put in I would really apriciate it thanks​:grinning::grinning::grinning:


If u want pms on hopscotch then fill out this petition

We need 100 ppl


Well, i dont think there's exactly a way to private chat, but u can chat by making a collab acount on hopscotch and chat in ur drafts. I would totally follow u for no reson


I was going to get first reply



We r trying to bring pms back so please sign the petition


R U Kidding me. I signed it with my name. Great.


Private chat is not allowed. It's dangerous. People can be mean to you or share personal info behind THT's backs.

Some people want it, but THT obviously and clearly said no, and it's sort of silly to think that they're gonna allow it just because people want it.

It's like being a little kid who begs his parents for a puppy and thinks that just because he wants it, his dad is suddenly going to get the money, time, and ability to get that dog.


Here. They can see what is going on.


If we could all make PMs, there would be so many that they couldn't moderate them all at once, or 24/7.


Well, the petition is not saying we CAN make them, but instead asking to allow us to DISCUSS in one.


Then everyone would do it and we'd have the same problem.


There are PM's, which are private messages. They're not allowed right now, because of the community guidelines. I wouldn't make one, (not that you can, you can't make one,) because people have been suspended for it. :slight_smile:


If we all had PMs, the mods (now that only THT are mods) won't be able to moderate all the PMs 24/7. If you're being bullied on a PM, nobody can see it besides other people that were invited. And mods won't see it for a long time, if there are a bunch of PMs. They would be really useful, I agree with you on that, but it's concern of safety that makes THT take it away.
Maybe, we could improve on the forum, and they'll see that we are ready for PMs! I like that you made a petition to get things started!


Me and a few other people discussed it on this topic I made. Maybe it will change how you feel about pms.
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Wow thanks guys I understand now


Hear hear!