How do you use the polls?



I know that on the forum you can make polls with a voting setting, but how?
P.S: I know that my posts have mostly been about help on the forum, but I just want to try to understand everything before I post real topics, so bear with me!


Next time try using the blue magnifying glass in the top right corner and search up a key word like "poll" or "tricks". :wink:

Here is how you make a poll:

- option 1
- option 2
[/ poll]

You can have more options if you want to. The [/ poll] is without the space. :blush:


Like @RainbowGalaxy said,

- Option 1
- Option 2

Remember to search for what you''re looking for before you post something! There are already a bunch of topics about this already! :wink:


Welcome to the forum! You will love it here!
To make a poll you do what everybody else said. Polls are useful to find the communities opinions!


- Hello
- Hi
- Greetings
[/ poll]



  • Hello
  • Hi
  • Greetings