How Do You Use Sine And Consine


I know I am on featured and everything, but even I don’t know how to use it. Can someone help me?


Yeah, sure!
There’s an awesome sin/cos tutorial on here

I’m a little busy right now, but I promise to make an awesome and easy to understand new tutorial


Wait but who r u in hs


First bubble is radius of something you make with CoSine.
You need to create value that always increases and put it into the 2nd bubble, so it thing you create with CoSine moving.
Third bubble is position of thing you make. Hope this helps!


Its basically used to calculate the angles of triangles (I think???) but on HS its mostly used to draw circles :wink:


Yep. And yep.


Where I live we don’t learn sine/cosine in the eighth grade but thanks to HS and some other useful websites I’m able to do it very well.


Im sure that you will learn over time, just keep practicing


Hello! Here is a great tutorial to learn about sin and cos:

The tutorial has screenshot from the “old” Hopscotch Editor, but it should still be pretty easy to follow the tutorial and to understand it.
Also, congratulations to your featured and welcome to The Hopscotch Forum!


Thanks @William04GamerA


No problem, it was just great to help you! I hope that you can understand the topic I linked, and if not, just reply or tag me again so I can recommend another one :slight_smile: